one5three Design is a place for me to express myself with wood and custom projects.

I started construction with my father at a young age and learned the value of exceeding the customer’s expectations.

He used to say, “The impossible takes a little longer.”  He carried that attitude into every project, and passed it on to me.

After a career managing various aspects of the construction and development process, 153 Design is a return to my roots.

My products are a labor of love. I use my hands and simple tools to carefully craft each custom piece with precision and passion. When I work with wood, I am always looking to find and celebrate its heart and soul.

Details matter.  So do the raw materials I use.  Therefore, each piece of beautiful wood in my Colorado woodshop is there “by invitation only” and hand selected by me. I am drawn to subtle nuances, unique patterns and simple beauty. When I find raw pieces that speak to me, I listen.

Hand selected. Hand crafted. There are no shortcuts. Also, there is no place like home. If my finished pieces are fortunate enough to become even a small part of the places and spaces where you choose to gather, laugh and love, I have succeeded.