New Product Line – The Artisan Series

one5three Design is expanding and introducing a bold new product line – The Artisan Series.

The Artisan Series of cutting/serving boards is a 100% made-to-order, custom offering consisting of two matched or complimentary themed cutting/serving boards.  The set consists of one large board and one small board.  However, sets are 100% made-to-order and the pair can be whatever you prefer.

Details matter…

Each design and specific use of materials will be made one time, never to be
repeated.  Each set is custom made with an emphasis on individuality.  Your design is just that…your design.  Once complete, the set is branded on the back with the one5three logo,  hand-numbered, hand-signed by me, and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity which states the Species of Wood used, the Design and the Artisan’s Interpretation.

Design matters…

If each set is made specifically and individually for the owner(s), how do we get there???  When a set is ordered, I will spend some time getting to know you.  We’ll have a conversation about your  thoughts, your vision, intended use for the boards, and I will start to design your Artisan Series set in my head.
Once I am comfortable that the design is on the right track and our vision is one cohesive idea, I’ll give you details of the pieces or, based on our conversations, if I have ‘Artisan’s Liberty’…I will start the manufacture!  Depending on the intricacy of the design and my workload, manufacture of your set will take 2 – 4 weeks.

Finished product…

After your set is complete we will arrange a time for your ‘reveal’.  If you are local, this will be in person at delivery.  Otherwise, we can have a FaceTime call (alternatively – Skype) where I will reveal your finished product and explain the design to you.  Then, I will meticulously package your product and ship it to your door via FedEx.

Product Example…

This set now resides in the Sacramento area.  The owner is a horse enthusiast, competing in that arena.  The design of the boards centers around the owner’s passion for horses.

Species: Walnut with inlays of Maple, Brazilian Cherry and Alder

Design: Face Grain Walnut with two thin parallel Maple inlays distal to the centerline. A bifurcating vertical stripe consisting of alternating Maple and Brazilian Cherry parallelograms arranged ‘back-to-back’ bordered on either side by thin Alder stripes with Alder insets top and bottom. The larger board has exposed saw kerf on the edge grain that has been fire-stressed.

Interpretation: The design illustrates the perspective of the rider sitting astride the horse while both shares a parallel, steadfast focus on the task ahead which is reflected by the parallel Maple inlays. The alternating Maple & Brazilian Cherry center stripe is reminiscent of the horse’s braided mane bordered by thin Alder inlays representing the reins. The Alder inset at the top of the Maple & Brazilian Cherry represents the bridle crownpiece and the lower Alder inset represents the pommel of the saddle.

Let’s get started…

Contact me to get started on your set today!





one5three Design expanding to Retailers!

one5three Design is pleased to announce an expansion into Retail Stores throughout Colorado.  Later this week, one5three Design will deliver its first order locally to Ace Hardware at Northgate.  In case you haven’t visited Northgate, which is one of the Springs’ newest Ace Hardware, this is not your typical Ace Hardware.  Yes, they have the fantastic personalized customer service you have come to expect in every Ace Hardware.  Yes, they have an amazing selection of hardware.  However, this store is uniquely tailored to the local clientele.  In it, you will find many items not typical of any hardware store.  Ownership and management have stocked the store with many high quality items for the discerning home goods shopper.  If you are local, consider this store your new ‘go to’ for hardware,  furnishings and many pleasant surprises.  If your’e not ‘in the neighborhood’, it’s worth the trip across town!

Added Benefits!

Now you can see the quality of our work firsthand.  At one5three Design, we don’t use ‘set design patterns’ for our work.  Rather, we honor each piece of wood for its unique characteristics and highlight them.  See something you like, purchase it on the spot because we can make one similar but no two pieces are ever the same!  See something ‘close to what you want…’?  No problem.  Contact us and we’ll get started on a custom piece for you right away!

Shop Local, Support Local Businesses!

Purchase one5three Design items at this store and support two local businesses.  The ownership of the Northgate store lives here locally and has embraced supporting small, local businesses such as one5three Design.  Stop in, look around, ask for Shelby, the Store Manager,  or any of the attentive staff and they’ll help you find exactly what you need for your home or home improvement project!

Custom Corporate Holiday Gifts: Taking Holiday Orders NOW!

Custom Corporate Holiday Gifts Idea

Order your Custom Corporate Holiday Gifts now! This is the year for your gift to stand out among the crowd…unless you’d rather send another logo’d coffee mug that will hold spare change, get knocked off a desk, broken and forgotten.  Rather, one5three Design will create a beautiful handmade, artisanal piece complete with your logo branded into the wood.  Our boards make the perfect gift that will last a lifetime.

Why purchase from one5three Design?

Details Matter:  Wood.  Where do we purchase our wood?  All of our wood is purchased locally from CO Lumber Specialties in Colorado Springs.  The wood is kiln dried here in the United States which means less warping or cracking.  Bottom line: better raw material yields a better product.

Heart & Soul:  Product Design.  Our wood is hand-selected for its unique characteristics.  Then, it is expertly and carefully crafted into finished works of art.   Each piece is truly one-of-a-kind, hand-carved, sanded and finished to order.  Uniquely charactered wood materials molded by hand make the most memorable gifts!

We have three standard board sizes available plus we do custom work.  Typical species of wood includes walnut, hickory, knotty alder, maple, wormy maple and cherry.  We have many other species of wood available for you to choose!  Our style is ‘rustic’ to ‘mountain modern’.  Our designs vary because we don’t believe in forcing the wood.  Rather, we look into the raw materials to find the finished product.  We let the wood design the product.

Why is a custom piece from one5three Design the perfect gift?

One5three Design is a return to hand-crafted artisanal work.  Each piece is a labor of love, not the push of a button.  We don’t use programmable machinery to manufacture identical pieces.  Rather, each custom piece is unique, just like it’s owner!  Here at one5three Design, we celebrate the character of our wood.  If it has imperfections…we celebrate them.  Marks from the mill…we celebrate them.  Unique characteristics…you get it.

Details, quality, heart and soul.  Custom Corporate Holiday Gifts.  Make an impression, create a memory and celebrate a return to craftsmanship.

Contact us here to learn more and start your design process today!